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North Atlantic Food Trading, with operations in Belgium and Brazil, is a developer and supplier of ethical foods in the European Union. Our products are carefully developed to attend a growing market of conscious consumers, which are aware that their buying choices directly impact on world sustainability, social and environmental welfare.

We supply an exclusive range of 100% natural organic freeze-dried products, developed and driven by the latest innovations in clean technologies for farming and for the food industry, in a reliable, sustainable and scalable business model.

We know that food has entered a new era. That’s why we bring the new concept of the ‘FOODS OF THE FUTURE’. It’s imperative that the global food industry players must be aware of food nutrition and safety in order to bring clean labels to the consumers. NAFTrading seeks to provide consumers clean label products they need for a healthier life, helping for a better balanced and natural diet. We’re also committed to provide zero wasted food, transparency and ethics along the manufacturing streamline.


Respect for humans and nature may perhaps be the most fundamental principle in all of ethics. We provide high-quality natural food to humans, made by humans without harming nature. This is what we call The Foods of the Future.


Transparency empowers our customers to cast a vote on our products and principles, every time they buy them. We’re committed to transparency from “farm to table¨ encouraging the feeling of trust and connectedness in our customers.


Enthusiasm has led our curiosity into positive actions to create our company and products. Enthusiasm is what will lead our curiosity into positive actions to go further.

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Our partnerships stand on solid contracts, planning and friendship to bring a reliable and sustainable production chain: farmers, manufacturers and distributors.

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Sam is a very smart and happy toucan who is learning to fly. Sam loves listen to music, dance, eat yummy fruits snacks and explore the jungle in Brazil with his friends. Sam has very good listening skills and he loves when the drums start beating!

Follow the adventures of Sam and find out how to make the smart choice about the food you eat!


We know that food has entered a new era. That’s why we bring the new concept of the ‘FOODS OF THE FUTURE’. It’s imperative that the global food industry players must be aware of food nutrition, safety and ethics.

The Foods of the Future

The evolution of consumers perception about healthy eating and process transparency along with key attributes such as ease of consumption, variety, and portability has driven our creations.

At NAFTrading, we believe there is a better way to feed people, starting by babies and children. Our goal is to create The Foods of the Future: delicious and nutritious snacks and ingredients, made with organically grown ripe tropical fruits and vegetables, in a fair-trade and ethical way.

We bring you premium products with a clean label, affordable and nutritious.

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Ethical Foods

According to Mark Bittman, the author of Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating, foods should be nutritious, affordable, and green--that is, it should minimize environmental impact. And the humans and animals involved in its production, sale, or consumption should be treated with respect.

In other words, the concept of ethical eating or ethical foods refers to sourcing food and eating it in ways that they will not cause any negative impact on the planet.

Ethical Foods are developed and manufacture in order to minimise environment impacts, exploitative labor practices, food shortages for others, inhumane treatment of food animals or the unintended effects of food policy.

Your food choice matters. Join us!

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Producing food for people is an exceptionally great responsibility. Anything produced under an “exceptionally great responsibility” should not be sold as food.

- Cecilia Sobral CEO of NAF Trading

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In a rapidly changing world, collaboration and openness are vital. At NAFTrading, we believe there is a better way to feed people, as well as that thinking and developing with our partners leads to mutual benefit and better outcomes.!

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